Girard city council OKs pipeline agreement

May 27, 2014
By COLIN HARRIS , Shale Play

GIRARD, Ohio - Girard City Council earlier this month approved a right-of-way agreement that will see a natural-gas transmission line run through part of the Girard Lakes property.

The pipeline will transport gas from Halcon well fields and will run 14 miles from Vienna to a fuel depot near rail lines in Lordstown. The Girard portion of the line would run west of the lower lake.

For agreeing to allow the pipeline onto city property, Girard will receive $150,500.

While council approved the ordinance by a 7-2 vote, at least one citizen was present to express his concerns.

Sam Pagano, who lives on Squaw Creek Drive, was present at the April 14 council meeting and Pagano returned to again express his fears regarding the pipeline.

"I think if you're going to go ahead with a gas line on our property, then you need to find out exactly where it's going to be going," Pagano said. "When they come through, they're going to cut a 60-foot wide area for the pipe ... They're going to be cutting out all sorts of trees and wildlife."

Girard Mayor James Melfi said council thoroughly researched the proposal, and noted that its proximity to the city's property line meant it would have gone in regardless of council's approval.

"The pipeline runs right next to (private property)," Melfi said. "If we rejected the proposal, it was just going to go right across the line. The difference is about 30 feet, and this way, the city at least is receiving the compensation for (the pipeline)."

The fact that a portion of the pipeline would run alongside the lower lake property in Girard has had some citizens concerned about a spill.

At the last council meeting, Councilman at-Large Louis Adovasio noted the city has agreements in place with the Ohio EPA and hazardous material cleanup teams, similar to any other spill on Interstate 80 or an industrial plant in the city.

Late last year, the Western Reserve Port Authority, the body that governs the airport, approved a similar lease agreement with Halcon for $25 per linear foot for up to three pipes and a 60-foot-wide easement. The deal netted the organization an estimated $250,000.



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